Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse

Cleanse Your Liver twice a year to support your bodies immune system and keep the liver functioning at optimal levels.  

The liver is responsible for filtering all the blood in the body in order to remove toxic substances and take essential nutrients to the rest of the body. If it is not filtering properly you will feel it in seemingly unrelated parts of the body.  Every organ is dependent on the Liver doing its job effectively.  It is imperative to be clean on the inside if you want your body to function as it should.        DON’T NEGLECT YOUR LIVER…

Cellular cleansing and body detoxification starts with a liver, gallbladder and intestinal cleanse. The following is a brief summary of the cleanse recommended in “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush” by Andreas Moritz. Before attempting the liver cleanse you will want to purchase and read this book, because there is much more information you will need to know to have a successful liver and gallbladder flush.

Here is a brief summary of the actual liver cleanse that is very direct:

Purchase enough apple juice (best is freshly pressed organic) to drink 24 ounces a day for six consecutive days. You may also sip on the apple juice throughout the day full strength or cut in half with water.

You will also need to purchase:

  • Epsom Salts
  • A Couple of Grapefruits
  • Olive oil – Extra Virgin high quality – cold pressed organic

Protocol for the Liver/Gallbladder Flush:

Step One: You are going to drink 24 ounces of apple juice for six consecutive days. The malic acid in the apple juice softens the liver and gallstones. During this time you will also avoid eating protein rich foods, sugar, and alcohol along with drinking cold beverages (you do not want to chill the liver).

Step Two: On the fifth day schedule a colonic. This is very important to clear your colon otherwise stones may not pass on the following day when you actually do the cleanse. (The book also gives additional recommendations this is why it is important to read the book before doing this cleanse.)

Step Three: On the sixth day of drinking apple juice you want to have a very light breakfast. At 2 p.m. you are going to have a light lunch and on this day you will finish your apple juice early. (the book gives you a description of what you should eat on this day). Then around 4 pm if you feel you still need to cleanse your colon again, you can do an enema. At 5 pm you mix two separate concoctions. One is a mixture of four tablespoons of of Epsom Salts and 24 ounces of water. This is divided into 4 servings. You also juice the grapefruit so you have it on hand.

Step Four: At 6 pm, you drink one serving of the Epson Salt mixture, then again another serving at 8 pm. The mixture tastes pretty bitter, so you can rinse your mouth with a little water. This mixture dilates your bile ducts and prepares you for the olive oil and grapefruit juice mixture.

Step Five: At 10 pm mix equal parts olive oil with grapefruit juice (4 oz of each) Next, go stand by your bed, drink the olive oil and grapefruit mixture, and immediately lay down on your bed with your head elevated. For 20 minutes lay absolutely still with your eyes closed. (you will begin to feel the stones releasing and rolling across your liver). After the 20 minutes you may decide to fall asleep. But set the alarm for 6 am in the morning. You may feel a bit nauseous during your sleep time. This happens when your body releases toxin which have been stored in both the gallbladder and liver. Don’t worry, this is actually normal and signals the procedure is working. If you feel the need to vomit, do so, as this is a normal release of toxins. For those who don’t feel nauseous, don’t worry, you just may not have had as many stored toxins.

4. On day 7 upon arising at 6 am drink the third mixture of epson salts, then the last serving at 8 am. You will most likely find yourself in the bathroom by now, and if not usually by 10 am. Your first elimination will be the meal you ate from the previous day. Next you will eliminate mostly liquid, along with many, many liver and often gallstones.

Time to celebrate since you have cleansed your liver and gallbladder of stones and toxins. You will also see additional stones for the next couple of days of bowel movements. It is also very important to follow up your cleanse with another colonic  to ensure stones don’t remain in your system.

The liver/gallbladder flush should be repeated 1x monthly for the first 3 months, and it may take up to twelve cleanses before you are stone free. Also, a teaspoon of Olive Oil a day will keep the bile ducts clean and prevent new stones from forming.

Please remember this is only a brief summary of the cleanse, there is much more you should know before trying this on your own. We highly recommend you read Moritz’s book.

To view the book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz, and learn more about this amazing liver cleanse  go to Amazon books and get a copy…. here’s to your improved health!

Don’t forget to flush the colon before and after to enable the toxic waste to be removed safely and quickly from the body.

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