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There are many reasons people choose to get a colonic. From curiosity, weight loss, to physical ailments that affect one’s quality of life. It is important to know that the therapy of colonic irrigation is a ‘process’. The best results are achieved when it is used alongside a lifestyle change, including more cleansing foods and habits.

We live in a toxic environment; from pesticides and strange ingredients in our food, to polluted air, harsh chemicals in our cleaning and beauty products, prescription drugs and excessive stress. 90% of these toxins enter your bloodstream through the intestinal tract! These toxins suppress the natural, self healing mechanisms in our body. Our poor liver gets overloaded, trying to do it’s main job of keeping the body clean and functional. If it can’t quite keep up, many of the body’s systems begin to malfunction. With a colonic, warm filtered water is used to clean out waste that has accumulated over the years. The basic issue is: with waste stuck to the sides of the intestine, water and nutrients are not able to be absorbed properly. Instead, toxins from old waste are reabsorbed back through the colon wall and into the bloodstream, then carried to every cell. As you can imagine, this wreaks havoc on one’s health.

The large intestine is approximately 5-8 ft long. It can take anywhere from 4 -10 sessions of colon hydrotherapy for the water to be able to get around the whole area. Whilst many people do experience apparent results with their first colonic, it is generally expected to be a session of preparation; hydrating the bowel and preparing for the detoxing process. Each session helps soften, break down and release more waste, until water is able to run all the way around the bowel. At the Cleansing Center we offer our best cost value in the form of packages; for a series of 3 sessions, and up to 10. This is because the intended, beneficial results come with multiple treatments used fairly close together.

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