“The body is indeed an amazing machine designed to heal itself over and over again throughout life”  

Welcome to the world of Detoxification where possibilities abound and healing is the natural response.

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 A very warm welcome to The Cleansing Center.  We hope that in finding us you will also find the answer to your questions and concerns. 


The Cleansing Center is here to help those who are serious about getting back their Health and Vitality Naturally…

There is nothing you cannot eliminate once you understand the underlying cause & are dedicated to working with the body to undo the damage.

Are you or a loved one sick and struggling to find remedy in a scary world of pharmaceuticals? Have you been told you must depend on drugs to suppress symptoms for an extended period of time?

Are you in pain and feel older than your years or have you lost your former vitality and zest for life?

Since you’re here, chances are you already know there’s a higher truth, more choices and a better way, but with so many variables in the Natural Health field & practitioners working with emphasis on different treatments, whether it be supplements, chelation or a newly discovered potion… its confusing to say the least.

Detoxification on the other hand does not treat disease but rather addresses the underlying cause.  If you can take some time to study and understand the subject of detoxification you will begin to find hope and see that the body is indeed an amazing machine designed to heal itself over and over again throughout life.

In order to help the body heal however, we MUST pay attention to the laws of nature that govern it.

We trust that you will find answers  to many, if not all your questions regarding the regaining of health and discover that DETOXIFICATION is indeed the GOLDEN KEY!    R.G.


“It isn’t about nutrition to strengthen the body,  but rather getting rid of that which weakens it first”



The Cleansing Center Supports you with the following…..

  • 1. Knowledge of the basic Science of Detoxification
  • 2. Health Questionnaire (in depth) to determine organ and glandular weaknesses
  • 3. Consultation by phone or in person
  • 4. An individualized protocol for Detoxification
  • 5.  Highest Quality Herbal Formulas to assist in the cleansing and strengthening of cells.
  • 6.  Continued phone coaching through the Detoxification phase
  • 7. FAQ
  • 8. Colon Hydrotherapy

Detoxification is not a new concept, its an age old method of cleansing the body that changes the natural course of events. Used in every culture and every dispensation to bring health to the ailing.  The body that’s given the chance to rest and cleanse, using the Detoxification process, will begin to change its chemistry and cellular activity. Detoxification at its deepest level provides an environment that promotes the regeneration of tissue.  The body is an awesome machine but is designed to function within the laws of nature from which mankind has sadly strayed, so far as to lose sight of its perfect simplicity. We have entered into a surreal world of playing God, assuming we know better than nature teaches.  It is hard for man to accept, that the simplicity of staying within natural laws supersedes intellectualism. Needless to say, no matter how far man thinks he’s progressed in his intellect, he will never rise above nature and her laws!!   R.G.


“A very real problem is that mankind is fixated on nutrition in the blood and yet over on the other side we have a sewer/immune/lipid carrier system thats a much much bigger system, and due respect and attention must be shifted over to the Lymphatic System”  Dr Robert Morse (ND)



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